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Teresa Lim

Karen is very good with her massages. My Toffee had surgery to repair her ruptured cruciate ligament at her left hind leg and her recovery progress was quite slow until I was recommended by a friend who is an existing client of Karen.

I love Karen’s calm and intuitive touches and strokes which relaxes and soothes Toffee. Amazingly, I have seen consistent improvements in the same evening after each 30min session. Now Toffee can even put her weight on her left leg and is able to walk on all fours more frequently than before.

Highly recommended for pets who need joint and muscle relief.

Joanna Oh

PFL is my trusted, go-to site for fresh, nutritionally balanced, tasty dog treats & meals – don’t let your dogs miss their salmon bake, pork & veggie roast and berri power strips! Their recipes prompted me to sign up for the Dog Massage Therapy & Diet Nutrition course – and I spent an enriching 2 days with Karen & Siew Leng who were so generous in sharing their wealth of knowledge with the class. I highly recommend this course especially if your dog is a senior or has joint issues.

Julia Lee

There are many dog food makers in the market and paws fur life is one the few that I trust with all my heart. I am very particular with what my chihuahua eats and I only want the best, most nutritious, freshest for him. Karen owns 2 chihuahua herself and I know she takes pride in her food. Thus, every year when my dog Mallow’s birthday, there are many fanciful dog cakes in the market but I will only buy from paws fur life. I know they use the best ingredients. True enough, Mallow just enjoyed his 3rd barkday cake with lotsa joy!

Phua Siew Yuen

I engaged Karen’s massage service as I want my furkids to enjoy massage as much as I do, and also to help them to relax as they are always very anxious both indoors and outdoors. My gal with slight Luxating Patella enjoyed from the first session and my boy who is always on high alert finally settled down during his 3rd session with Karen. Am thankful for Karen’s professionalism and patience with my kids as they are quite out of control when there are strangers around and never once did Karen lost her patience with them. And am I glad that I attended their recent massage and nutrition course as I can now help my kids with daily massage to release their tension as well as to prepare more nutritionally balanced home cooked food for their better health and longevity. Thank you Karen & Siew Leng!

Serene Chong

I attended the Dog Massage Therapy and Diet Nutrition Course that was conducted by Karen and Siew Leng. It was an enriching and beautiful course and there was never a boring moment. I have learnt so much from the course, from what is missing in my furkids meal to what I have been doing wrong all this time. Not only that, I have also learnt how to massage my furkid. And it has helped my family too. On how it has helped my family although it’s a course for furkids, I will let Karen and Siew Leng share with you guys in the coming courses. So don’t wait anymore, go sign up for the course. These 2 beautiful ladies will share a 101% of their knowledge! I would love to attend their course again and again even though I have attended it! Remember to sign up. It’s just such a wonderful course. Thank you Karen and Siew Leng for this beautiful and enriching course!

Helen Seah

Thank You Karen & Siew Leng for conducting such inspiring lessons for us fur parents.

Winnie Lim

I have recently attended Dog Massage Therapy and Diet Nutrition Course conducted by Karen & Siew Leng. I must say I did the right choice of sacrificing my 2 days of weekend with them. My goal is to let my fur kid have a long life span and stay healthy always. These 2 amazing people have enlightened me in many ways! Karen has the special touch on dogs that they have no qualm lying down on four like a turtle for her magic hands. Siew Leng on the other hand impart so much knowledge on nutrition for dogs and remedies for anxiety not only for dogs but human too! Great job to them and I know you will be the saviours for many more helpless souls. Thank you once again.

Carolina Ng

The massage definitely helped my senior arthritic dog. Karen is very patient and thorough. She shares her experience and offers tips on how to make my dog more comfortable. Excellent service!

Sheryl Lau

My dog, Furby, loves everything from Paws Fur Life! From their treats to home cooked meals to even canine massage! Karen would come to our place every fortnightly for Furby’s massage and he would always bring his toys to Karen to ask her to play after the massage session. As soon as she leaves, he would get really upset.

We would also take the opportunity to purchase some dog treats/home cooked meals at the same time so that Furby can have a sumptuous meal/treats after his massage session.

We are very grateful that Karen is very patient with Furby as he is a pretty high energy dog and sometimes we don’t know what to do with him. The canine massage miraculously calms him down and thereafter, we pawrents can have a peaceful night.

Cindy Tok

My 12year old shih tzu’s hind leg problems started last year. This June, his arthritis became so bad that he could not balance when walked. He fell over often n would use his front paws to pull himself up and around. The muscles around his shoulder developed more and the muscle atrophy around his back n hind legs became more prominent. We went to the vet regularly for synovan injections. In the beginning, these injections seem to help as he would walk a little more on certain days but in July, it worsened and on certain days, he would not move and just lie around. We had to carry him downstairs to pee and poop and carry him back home. Then we chanced upon a tv program that showed Karen helping a dog with joint issues and contacted her. We started massages for Cody in end July. We started with two times a week, then once a week because he improved greatly! He loves his massages and would sleep really well after! Within a month, his trapez muscles were so much softer and the vet said his hind leg muscles were slowly improving. He is more balanced and started becoming “naughty” again! He started playing and running after toys, even tried going after birds. (We made sure he did not). Till now, we still see Karen for fortnightly massages. We are really glad that we met Karen and that our 12 year old “puppy” is back again. We then went on to take up the massage course with Karen and also learnt about how important proper nutrition is from Siew Leng. We always thought buying the most expensive pet food and supplements were what’s best for our pets but we were blown away by the information taught. Siew Leng is our go-to person for nutritious home cooked food for both our dogs. Thank you once again Karen n Siew Leng for helping us and our doggies!

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